NLW 832E (Llyfr Gwyn Mechell): Hen Ganau Gymraeg (MS dated c. 1730; selected poems dated 1649-98)

The manuscript consists of two parts: pages 1-86 contain strict-metre poetry, and pages 301-326 contain free-metre poetry. Since there are no pages 87-300, the pagination is apparently meant to leave room for additions. This selection, from the second part, omits all pre-1640 poems. The poems are mainly from Anglesey and elsewhere in North Wales.

Four of the six poems by Huw Morus appeared in:

Eos Ceiriog, ed. Walter Davies, 2 vols (Wrecsam: I. Painter, 1823) [poem no. 12 = i.275-80; no. 14 = i.304-8; no. 22 = ii.168-70; no. 23 = ii.209-12].

Of the pre-1640 poems omitted here three were edited in:

Canu Rhydd Cynnar, ed. T. H. Parry-Williams (Cardiff: Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, 1932) [manuscript no. 1 = edition no. 23, pp. 75-7; manuscript no. 26 = edition no. 25, pp. 80-2; manuscript no. 25 = edition no. 98, pp. 384-9].

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